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Middle-aged muscle 'may lower health risk'








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Maintaining muscles into middle age may help men ward off heart attacks and strokes in later life, new research suggests.[br][br]The amount of lean muscle a healthy person has in middle age is linked to their future risk of heart disease, say researchers in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health.[br][br]Muscular tissue volume starts to ebb away from the mid-thirties at a rate of around 3 per cent every decade.[br][br]The researchers say regular physical activity, including resistance training, and a protein-rich diet may help preserve lean muscle mass as people age.[br][br]They tracked the number of new cases of cardiovascular disease arising over a period of 10 years in 2020 Greek adults without heart disease.[br][br]Just over half - 1019 - were aged 45 and above at the study's start in 2001/02.[br][br]Participants provided lifestyle information, including on how closely they followed a Mediterranean diet, and how much they exercised, while blood pressure, BMI and skeletal muscle mass were also calculated.[br][br]Some 272 fatal and non-fatal cases of cardiovascular disease, including stroke and minor stroke, arose among the 1019 middle-aged participants.[br][br]Men were around four times as likely to develop cardiovascular disease as women, after accounting for potentially influential factors.[br][br]The fewest cases occurred in the third of people with the highest muscle volume compared with those in the lowest range at the start of the monitoring period.[br][br]Those with the highest muscle volume were 81 per cent less likely to have a heart attack or stroke, they found.[br][br]They tended to have fewer instances of high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity, and to be younger, male, smokers, physically active and consumers of a Mediterranean-style diet.[br][br]The association held true, but only in men, when factors such as diet, household income, education, and risk factors such as diabetes were accounted for.[br][br]The authors believe this may be due to men having a higher muscle volume to start with and hormonal differences between men and women during ageing.[br][br]The study cannot establish cause, but the authors conclude: "Throughout this study, the importance of skeletal muscle mass preservation to prevent long-term cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk among the middle aged/older population has been highlighted.[br][br]"The prevention of skeletal muscle mass decline, which is becoming increasingly prevalent among middle aged and older populations, may constitute an effective means of promoting CVD health."[br][br][br]
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